Inaugural Proclamation and Miscellaneous Decrees Thereunto Pertaining, Part II: This Time It’s Personal

To All Who Shall See These Presents, Greetings.

As I approach nine years of personally peaceful and prosperous rule, it comes to my attention that those previously styling themselves “the government of the United States” have, in violation of my decree dissolving that institution and ordering its officers, legislators, appointees, employees, etc. to to conclude that institution’s affairs, settle its debts (which in no respect adhere to the new regime), and turn over any remaining assets and title to any putative properties to myself or to the emergent imperial apparatus, persisted in their imposture.

Said circumstance compels me to declare a state of insurrection and to take such steps as may result in said insurrection’s suppression.

Lacking a formal military apparatus to attend to that needful suppression, I call upon my loyal subjects to ignore the impostors’ edicts, ostracize them from polite society, and, by all non-violent means at hand, compel them to desist in their depredations and frauds.

I furthermore, as a matter of national exigency, must modify the initial imperial decree with respect to the insurrectionists’ asset and property claims. Rather than collect those assets and property under my personal stewardship on behalf of the people of the United States, I hereby declare the so-called “public property” of the former government of the United States un-owned and therefore open to appropriation/homesteading per Locke in the case of real property, and its other physical and financial assets abandoned and therefore subject to lawful salvage/appropriation wherever found.

Finally, due to the obvious need for reorganization of my regime, I hereby declare all imperial decrees issued after the initial imperial decree and prior to this one null and void.

Given under my hand this 26th day of January in the year 2022 CE at the Court of Kanapaha,
by the Grace of God Emperor of These United States

Author: Norton XIII
by the grace of God emperor of these United States